Is Your Website Design Letting Your Brand Down?

Responsive web design

We spend a lot of time talking about printing and graphic design, as well as actually doing it, of course! It’s important to remember, though, that if you’re running a business it’s not all about your products themselves, even when you’re just thinking about design. For example, how much thought are you putting into your online presence? Could a professional responsive web design company be what you need to really take your brand to the next level?

Website design is something that gets forgotten all too often by people who don’t really specialise in online marketing, and even those who do sometimes. If you create printed clothing or other graphic products to sell online, you’ll probably be dealing with your website on a regular basis and have a good understanding of it. However, this can often lead to even professional designers becoming somewhat blinded to what their site really looks like, especially to an outsider.

It’s hard to approach your existing website with a fresh pair of eyes, but it’s not uncommon to get a little lost, and there are ways you can start to improve. For a start, you may be able to identify mistakes you’re making based on many of the common ones we still see all the time. These include the following…

Mobile web design

  • Not being mobile friendly – If your website still doesn’t look right on mobile devices, you’re already many years behind most of your competition, regardless of industry. The best solution is a responsive site which adapts automatically to any screen.
  • Hidden navigation menus – It’s common for navigation bars to be hidden under “hamburger menus”, which are usually great for mobile users, but it’s not always obvious where to find the hidden options, especially on desktops.
  • Carousel banners – Do you have sliding banners at the top of your homepage? Unfortunately, so does everyone else. This trend as spread like wildfire, but not always been executed well. It can cause people to become blind to your banners since they’re so used to having to scroll down to get to the content.
  • Badly planned typography Using too many fonts that don’t work well together, or simply choosing unattractive fonts that are difficult to read, can really sabotage the potential of a great website. Be very careful about what you choose.

You may find this entire process much easier, and dodge a lot more common pitfalls the first time, if you simply enlist the services of an experienced web design company to help you achieve better results for your brand. People expect anyone in the field of graphic design to have a great online presence, so address any problems that are holding you back and get started with your revamp.


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