The basics of graphic design

graphic design

To understand graphic design, you must get to know the basics first. Once you know the basics, you’re more likely to understand the other elements that go with the concept. To help you get started with the basics, we’ve provided some useful information below.


Graphic design is all about consistency from start to finish. For example, any elements used have to be consistent, this could include the size of the text, the font, colour, images and overall quality. The visuals have to all have the same


When using text contents, ensure that your grammar is intact. Having good grammar is very important when it comes to presenting a professional design. If you’re not particularly good with grammar, there’s an app called Grammarly that automatically corrects your grammar without having to manually check the work yourself.


Leave plenty of white space around the design. Even though the design is simple, it will create a more professional look. Avoid creating a busy design as it will look too cluttered or messy. When the design is clean and straightforward, users can also navigate easier. Customers tend to move on to a different site as soon as they find it difficult to navigate or find what they are looking for.


Remember quality over quantity. The design will have a more professional look when high-quality elements are used. Avoid using any poor quality contents for images or text information as this could destroy your brand image.


When creating text information for blog posts or articles, the heading or the main message must always be bold and highlighted to direct the viewer’s attention to what’s important. The text can be highlighted simply by changing the size of the font or even the colour. Any important message could be added on the heading or highlighted in the text.


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