Ideas and Tips for Awesome T-Shirt Designs

Technology and the range of online services we have access to have revolutionised the concept of creating your own clothes. It’s now possible to easily order cheap, customised screen printed t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and many other clothing items, as well as accessories.

Screen printing is the method of choice for creating the kind of designs that are intended for things like t-shirts, as the results tend to be particularly vivid and impressive when compared with other printing methods. It is worth considering several factors before you go ahead and get your design printed, however. We might recommend following these steps to make sure you’re ready to proceed.

1) Spend time on the artistic process – Once you get your design printed, there’s no going back if you suddenly have a better idea. Try out different possibilities with your design idea and work on it until it’s perfect. Sometimes it will take some exploration and imagination to get to the result you want.

2) Picture your finished product – Decide exactly what item of clothing you’re going to use, and visualise the design on it. You should create a mock up of the finished t-shirt so you can get a sense of proportion and how it might suit the wearer. This could inspire you to make changes.


3) Combine simplicity and detail – Think about the most iconic and recognisable t-shirt designs you’ve seen. They probably have two things in common – simplicity, yet attention to detail. This is what you need to master. Don’t make your design too complicated, but make sure plenty of thought goes into even the simplistic aspects of it.

4) Who are you making it for? – If your shirt design is just for yourself then you can afford to be as creative as you like, but if you want people to actually buy it you’ll need to think harder. Why would someone relate to your design and want to purchase it? This needs to be a consideration from the beginning.

5) Be careful with comedy – Most funny t-shirts are simply not that funny. If you want to appeal to a niche audience with a joke, it can work with a simple but clever design. It might be best to keep it as subtle as possible, so your design still has a broad appeal even if the joke misses its mark.

6) Prepare your artwork For screen printing to work, colours need to be added one at a time. This means you’re restricted to particular tones with your design. Depending on whether you’re using an online service or you’re going to be manually printing your items yourself, you might need to actually prepare your artwork in layers of each colour.

Following these six tips should really help you plan out the best possible design. This way, even cheap screen printing should provide you with great results that capture your original vision, and you can get straight to wearing or selling your design.


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