How to Create an SEO Friendly Website


When building a website, you’ll need to be aware of the other elements that come with it. One of the most important factors of web design Is building an SEO friendly website. Websites made with SEO in mind has a better rank on the search engines. As a website owner, you’ll need to understand the basics of SEO as this will help you become more visible on search engines like Google. Below we’ve listed a few basic tips on how to make your website SEO friendly.

Easy navigation

An SEO friendly website is built with easy navigation links. The search engine will be able to read your website structure if the navigations are clear. It will also make it easier a popular engine such as Google, to rank your website. Furthermore, with clear navigation, users can navigate through your website without issue, thus making it user-friendly.

Quality content

Ensure your contents are keyword optimised with high-quality content. The content will need to be creative and relatable and easy to read for users. When adding keywords to your content, ensure to avoid keyword stuffing as this technique doesn’t work!

optimised image

Optimised images

When adding images to your website, ensure the images are optimised. An optimised image is compressed to smaller file size while still maintaining a good resolution. The image names should be benamed clearly with the right keywords, making them SEO friendly.

Google analytics

Another step is to integrate Google Analytics to help you measure and keep track of your website’s traffic. Based on the analytics, you can decide if your website needs improving. For example, if your website is not getting much traffic, it may be because your website needs to be improved, whether it’s improving the web design or the content.

Social media

Social media is known to drive organic traffic to a website. That’s why it’s important to integrate all your social media accounts on your website. Social media integration will also help improve website ranking on Google.


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