How a Responsive Design Affects your SEO

responsive design

Responsive website design is when a website can be viewed in various devices such as a laptop, mobile, tablet or computer. When viewing the site on different devices, the design can be adjusted to fit the specific device without compromising the clarity and quality of the website.

More and more users are viewing websites on various devices; that’s why your website needs to be responsive. The search engine has already picked up on this, which means it’s now vital to have a responsive web design to improve your SEO. Below we’ll be looking at how a responsive web design affects your SEO.

Reduce costs

Website owners can reduce cost on mobile development and maintenance by opting for responsive web design. A responsive web design automatically adjusts the website to fit any screen devices without having to pay extra for mobile developments.

Improve conversion

More and more people are now using different devices to view your website which means having a responsive web design, you’re likely to have a larger audience and more views which can lead to better conversion rates. Competitors are already jumping on the bandwagon by building responsive web design to keep ahead of the competition. If you don’ have a responsive web design yet, now is the perfect time to make your website responsive to stay ahead of the game.

Local ranking

For website owners targeting local keywords, responsive web design can help improve your local search visibility on the search engine. With the growth of mobile users, Google is now looking at the search results on mobile and using them to help identify which website they should rank higher.

User experience

We already know that Google highlights the importance of user experience when it comes to viewing a website. Having a responsive web design means all users on laptop, tablet and mobile will have a better user experience which leads to better SEO.


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