Essential tools for graphic designers

Whether you’re a student studying graphic design or someone who aspires to be a graphic designer, you will need to get yourself with the necessary tools to get started. As a beginner, you don’t have to have the best tools, as long as you have the basics then you will be set. As you get better at designing you can always enhance your tools in the future. As for now, remember that these tools do help with designing, but it is not as important as your creative mind or the skills you will learn along the way. To start off, we’ve curated the following articles with essential tools to get you started on your journey as a graphic designer. If you have any other suggestions feel free to comment down below.

What Are the Three Most Basic Tools of the Graphic Designer?

While pencil and paper can be a great way to jot down ideas and rough sketches, in today’s technological world, most graphic designers use advanced hardware. Graphic designers spend a majority of their time on computers, and the types of computers that designers use varies. Typically, though, graphic designers choose a Mac computer, because they best support many of the software programs graphic designers use. Whether the graphic designer chooses Mac or PC, it is important that the computer have a fast processing speed, large amount of hard drive storage and large monitor. Other basic hardware tools include laser printers, scanners and digital cameras.

Another basic tool graphic designers use is software. Software programs range from design-based like Adobe Illustrator and Freehand to layout programs such as Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign. Other software programs graphic designers rely on include photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Because many graphic designers do Internet-based design, software programs such as Adobe Flash help designers easily take graphic design to the Web using basic HTML language. read more at

10 Must-Have Tools for Graphic Designers to Ramp Up Your Creativity

No matter if you are just getting into graphic design, or thinking to polish your skill set and creative thinking, you can use many design elements to build upon these fundamentals that will take you from a good designer to a great one.

I’ve curated the list of best apps, tools, resources and websites that will help web designers to streamline their work, make collaboration simpler, get inspired for your next design project, polish your skills and ramp up your creativity.

Web designers can submit their creative work to Awwwards to evaluate website designs. If your design meets their standards, it will be nominated. Your design will go through a voting process and based on the results of the community and the jury, a designer wins an award “Site of the Day”.

Believe it or not, Photoshop is the cornerstone for nearly every graphic designer. Adobe Creative Cloud gives users an entire collection of creative tools for your desktop, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Designers can take full advantage of different mobile apps that will make sure you are able to do your creative work from anywhere, at any time. read more at

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