E-commerce web design trends this year

e commerce

E-commerce is a continuously growing market with a booming 2 trillion in sales today. The sales are expected to double in the next two years. The E-commerce provides an opportunity for anyone to open their store online. An E-commerce website is something that any business owner should set up regardless of what product or services they offer as almost everyone on the planet is shopping online through their mobile and laptop devices. If you already have an e-commerce website or looking to set up your own, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest trends to further improve your websites design and customer service.

Video content

Online shops are now incorporating a product video to their product page. The videos allow the customers to see the actual product in use. ASOS is one of the top online fashion stores that have recently uploaded clips of their models walking while wearing their products.


The loading speed of your website is critical as customers are more likely to leave if your website load is too low. There’s been a proven fact that customers will never go back to a website if they are having trouble with the website loading. A slow website can also give an impression that your website is not safe or trustworthy. Before launching your site, make sure that you check your speed by visiting Google’s speed tool and see what options you have to take to improve your loading speed.

Fixed navigation panel

A fixed navigation panel is something that you should incorporate if you haven’t already. A fixed panel will allow the customer to navigate anywhere on your website while still being able to click on any navigation menus. Essential menus such as the shopping cart or your social media profile will remain visible anywhere they go in your website.


Security is another important factor to consider for your E-commerce. Some research will be required if you want to secure your website further. For larger shops, a VPN would be suitable as it provides complete security and privacy protection.


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